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Cindy Alsop
Chairman of Planning Committee

This page is for Rimrock Meadows Planning committee (PC) to post messages and to provide information
on how to apply for a structure permit.  Download the form to your computer and fill it out. Then email
it to All structures must be permitted by the PC and anything over 200
square feet must have a county permit as well.   Per Douglas County, all cargo containers must have
roofing and siding, regardless of size. All permanent shade covers must be permitted by the county, regardless
of size. A pergola does not require a county permit.

October 1, 2015

Dear Association Member,

Recently some questions and concerns have been brought to the Board about Article 9 of the Rimrock Meadows Association Covenants, which the Association members overwhelmingly adopted in 1999. 

Article 9 deals with temporary structures and length of stay, and contains what is sometimes called the “180 day rule”  (“you can stay at Rimrock 180 days in any 365 day period”) There seems to be different notions about how the 180 days might be counted, so the Association Board of Directors has adopted the following clarifying policy as of October 1, 2015:

  1. The 365- day period may start at a convenient time at the member’s discretion
  2. You will be in compliance with all rules if the total number of days spent at Rimrock does not exceed 180 during this period, regardless of how many times you come and go.
  3. Everyone’s “counter” resets 365 days after it starts.   For example, you could spend March through August at Rimrock.  But, come September, you’d leave and not return until the following March when you’d start another 180 days.
    This in no way changes any existing rules – the “180 day rule” has been a part of the 1999 covenants, and was also in the versions that preceded them.  This is merely to clarify the existing policy to make it more understandable and fair.

Background:  Article 9 of the Association covenants states in part that:

“No structure of a temporary character, basement, tent, shack, garage, trailer, boat, camper, or any outbuilding of any nature shall be used on any lot at any time as a permanent or seasonal residence or dwelling ….. etc.” ,  and is in the Rimrock covenants for four main reasons:

  1.     So that Rimrock Meadows complies with applicable County and State health and building laws which prohibit permanent living in temporary structures, recreational vehicles, or in structures that do not meet the legal requirements of a residential dwelling (minimum area, power, water, sewer, insulation, etc.).
  2.     So that Rimrock Meadows’ character is maintained as recreational and residential per the Covenants and Bylaws as approved by the Association members. Recreational means part-time temporary use, and residential means meeting County and State building and health code requirements for a residential dwelling (see above).
  3.    To avoid health and safety issues whereby people might:
    a.    Endanger themselves ( prolonged sub-freezing temps leading to frozen water, sewer, propane in a trailer or being trapped by snow, water, etc.)
    b.    Place undue burden on common facilities (sleeping in clubhouse, etc.)
  4.     To prevent the establishment of a “trailer city” that would alter or diminish the recreational and residential character of Rimrock Meadows. 

 Compliance with Rimrock Covenants and applicable civil law is not “optional” for the Rimrock management or the Board of Directors or Association members.  Having said this, we believe that as a community of responsible adults we can conduct ourselves within the spirit and intent of the “180 day rule”, apply good judgment in following the rules, and not create circumstances that would leave no option but to enforce the “letter of the law”. The Board of Directors wishes to thank the sincere and helpful members who provided input that helped shape this policy.

The Rimrock Board

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